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tv   Viewpoint With Eliot Spitzer  Current  April 30, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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it was just co ow>> i the verdict. t's verdictyjust came of down o s coming% viewpointnt to the courthouse. >> t did you do? tive i thoug setis somegative bullre. was rea d.ez.úi was j hot. my blood went to my hea the%
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mind you, i'm s sed to be on my way to work, ine a we wereedoing to shoot torture3% shoot. tougher came out, i just st anllowing htem with% >> wey else. talks abo theye of rap. it's an int raiseing. it's a docume precursor, hip-hop was the rap has alwaynt.een the sleep e a voic suffered cnn or anything else or m
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to speak our mind. twobeen convoluted and this gen hard. even bleng-bling. but what wa g >> thisur neighborhoods hurtingin >> let me a terrorists gw, it was weso peel people were legalities. >> tustified,ht, wow,i can bushwith this? yes, p e althdrawn,e dance-based undercause hey, yo treating. to danc waterboardinglove to party.
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their mind even hip-hop, people don't story telling. kingdoms in rhymes.% oursk. eat the anger trivializednot as as far asful as it wa bin laden.ack then harea good thing?
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>> i taughtrustration more % waterboarding% yeah shoot andre still people who rightsin the same yonditionas theogram, 20 years ago agent them this whole economic outcome of stationedast few yeaamohit black in 2002. harder mike,y else. aske, but there are somntal 're on the inte wordng about it. esthank yo discusseds. and the movie i of out on vhg "hip ho thograms,riots" coming up, that'sesting experien i interesting thints to tel asideat happvenessehind th esdwhenlity.% we ick. >> i'm coming either.m
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the dinner goin>> coin.t ♪ >> ov weelend i wet, to t doesn'te correspondence di t to meet some i have some inte experienced conversations do% i know democrats. >> no,ink the elyublicans shou 3 'llúthere to tell you what goes on the what they dng.ehind th however,3% because tuey won't t u, hey, oh, yes the white se corresfuldence dinne o reprgationng you g 3
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tableons- second. people some of the foundces t i want enjoy that. i definite , atep it redl. and the pol toonversatamo. ple t you wathis. tion>> i'm coming. read i'm already here. % "feardinner is going to % horrendous on,ome butterflies?, guard i'm gonna go edt, have positions, and look at this--my old fr to wolf bl i
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canople in ingtat, one of the things% t i ineeized, we're so sc s y.d .g% % the depressing. i had fun schmoozing but what worried about is what they % pragmatiche governor acco tortureink that's the millionsether you're a >> i% or broadcaster. yourself differentverseas i ha concernst respect and adm ion for what you do.
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% witnessesat were trueg but prison. legalwe will continue to ch him. viewpoint with el confront cted terro al% ûare back in the ne he now being justified b e man who said, quote, a relying set of interrogativ lawyers.3 he suggested that there works and no they would sit on t thatd
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raise their consideredr head. muscle fatigue arioú >> are you saying t is wase% like gg,ng to th this come [ game. ling can do you have evensuffered from jetlag when you howu don't really myan to you make it sound >> it3 dy.ts3 espair on the % doeso the border of ityúlegalit that3% >> justifient perhaps wrote bush memos that we condone% withdrawn but still
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protection under ation, of laws an that% treatlity? poe wouldimes in a month. > substantiated.ot going he was not going to tell us. lead to bin lad tig urban3% .hey issu youement that thtion join me doesz who taught at the s inere waterboarding was u guantanamo and mo.ina, cou h>> i rights for first right toty ion,ogram, and jim doesn't
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m. start wh you 'sd ask whatyis the f doesn't on.m or tor they! to use the word methodsit, did i like% work. >> with al ofchniquesd% discus experiment used man >> wasúof them in myionn training theúprograms, it's unrelues?e. that was the problem. i of ive the moral argument and reliabilition
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then in the terms% usessedther you're the % occurfbi, you don'rs.ant to do it. jim, let me a ou, you've e.perience that's3 approaches the pain an erinion,3 l in entetting h therelers to confess. techniques wrt you you mean by that wouldn'tse being used at sort.l- >> shat i fo whatsoever.own i actual techniques they w didg to create interrogationse.
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what th s is it pushings gotative viewpotionof the >> aalinaather than undermi you.showing this3% they'al human.% thiswhat rapport-base--% minutes"na i'm gewng to get to% partn just one secoal, but i year,to tell the story abo there% what happened when you we either% to guantanamo. outcomes. killing> when i went dowento the orderodies, guard dogs, stretched errogation. you c inthis. % regardlessllegal. the u about statutese limit 3ountableminates thaldas something w accountablen choose from. w thought give me the deta ho is not talking at
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a versus rapport-based % ratirt. >> torture publick. rappcantbase has redactions3 erent set killing conen.ns and f letat come to benr, but i and witnesses and interesting% rapport, that provoking arguablyor a moment.ion% if it we'vek, let's
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confront th thatsue, thetive claims statutesuez that he had a nse atying that they?% % >> well, lawyers. rem youose memos oftene ed that detainee. so slop >> real3 can3 think that they much.e
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>> it could be the most important number in the upcoming financial debuts. it's the number that only policy wants to talk about. the number of the day is the percentage year over year that healthcare spending grew in 2009 and 2010. it's 4%. the slowest growth in more than five decades. and while some of the savings is resays-related people losing their jobs and thus their insurance, a trio of other factors may have more to do with the health-spending decline. first, as more consumers opt for high detectable insurance plans which have low lower premiums, and more out of pocket expenses they're thinking twice about doctor visits and more patients are choosing generic medication instead of over-paying on pricey brand names, and doctors and hospitals are emphasizing being paid for quality care. we'll keep watching to see if this is an one data point or a
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trendline. the loop. >>we tackle the big issues here in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. >>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens current's morning news block. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning. >>liberal and proud of it. hd jennifer granholm is politically direct on current tv. >>the dominoes are starting to fall. (vo) granholm is live in the war room. >> what should women be doing? >> electing women to office. (vo) she's a political >>republicans of course didn't let facts get in the way of spin. >>do it, for america.
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♪ >> on may 1, 2011, at 11:35 p.m. president obama aannounced to the world that osama bin laden was dead. the obama campaign released an adverting former president clinton discussing president obama's decision to send in cop 6. they end by using a five-year-old quote by former governor romney to question whether or not romney would have made the same decision. this has caused a lot of pundits to question the campaign and the political eyeing ofpoliticizing of the killing of osama bin laden. >> it's despicable. you're not ready to become commander in chief. >> that was from ariana huffington, someone who would be considered an obama supporter. of course the right was even more offended.
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>> this is one of the reasons why president obama has become one of the most divisive presidents in history. he has managed to turn in "t" into a divisive attack. >> let's bring in steve let me begin with you. is this not rank hypocrisy on the part of recommendation if you go back to 2004 in terms of what was being said then about john kerry in the aftermath of george w. bush's perceived then at least foreign policy success? >> in short, yes. dick cheney essentially in essentially every foreign policy speech he gave referenced how the bush-cheney team was doing the kinds of things that no
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other administration would do and no other leader would do, and using in that case fear mongering. i don't know barack obama is fear mongering he took a very high risk track and he pulled it off. but had he not done so, had things gone badly we would not be talking about that, and barack obama would probably be leaving the white house after this next election. so the g.o.p. has done this, and every president tries to demonstrate they've got the ability to make hard decisions in times of crisis. obama would have owned the failure had it been a failure. and he gets to own the success that is a success. >> i want to put on the screen a quotation from ed gillispie. the quote in 2004 there it is. if senator kerry's policies were
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in place saddam hussein would not only be in baghdad you but he would be in kuwait. wouldn't you say, remember this from 2004, game over. mission accomplished in terms of creditscross examining you. you're dead meet. >> absolutely. the hypocrisy is astounding. remember what they did to maximum cleland in georgia? this is the man who lost both legs and one arm in vietnam and he had the audacity to question his patriotism. it is astounding. they can't seem to handle the fact that one of obama's strengths is in foreign policy. did he. he killed osama bin laden something that they were unable to do for eight years and they can't handle it. it's astounding what they're trying to do right now. >> your ref reference to max cleveland, and i don't want to
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go on a tangent but that was a horrendous attack on a spectacular individual who knew what sacrifice was all been. i cried when he lost. i was just so upset had what had been done to a from you american hero. penny, let me ask you this question about the use of the obama administration of this and the romney statement in particular, have they not under cut in a political level the value of what he did because now we're debating the politics of it rather than the accomplishment. >> there is some of that, but i do think that romney's statements do need to be brought to light. this is someone who questions whether or not this is going to be going into pakistan. he said he wouldn't. because of obama's leadership we were able to go into pakistan and get osama bin laden. i think i have to be careful going forward not to overdramatize it overpoliticize it, and make this an romney quote versus an obama quote but
5:26 pm
stay on the facts. this is a proud moment of all america to be able to say under his watch osama bin laden the most notorious terrorist was killed. highlighting that fact is where they need to go and stay with more so. but in debates bring out romney romney's past quotes. >> i agree with you, penny, they should focus on what romney had said casting doubt about the wisdom of actions and decisions that clearly were right, but there are two separate issues. establishing that president obama had the guts and fortitude doing something difficult. t.v. as a politicalsteve, as a political matter should they separate them. >> i think the surge in
5:27 pm
afghanistan was the wrong call by president obama. but when you look at what he had at stake, how he made the decision ed gillispie's comment is very interesting. had i been advising president obamapresidentbush, i would not have gone into iraq. they took their eyes off the ball with bin laden and squeezed out the resources and gone after iraq. it cost the united states 3 trillion-dollar. you still have a nest there today and you left osama bin laden and his movement to metastasize around the world for the next administration to clean up. it's very interesting when you look at these important historical choices they do have consequences. it's not always clear which way to go. that's why president obama in my view gets bragging rights for this decision. >> i could not argue with you more about--i could not agree with you more about what you just said.
5:28 pm
when you make the battle of who has got the most testosterone, who is going to flex nor muscles what you do is make foreign policy given by i'm tougher than you rather than careful thought and analysis. does this ad do this? does it take us down that dangerous path? >> we have to be careful on fixating on this as you would say, who has more testosterone than the next. and highlight the fact, and also we have to be careful because we don't know what is out there yet in this summer or in the fall to come. there are still some very vulnerable areas that we have. iran is very tricky and north korea and syria, and there are some really on the brink. we might find otherwise in a very difficult situation very, very soon. i think that we have to be careful celebrating. yes, we did get osama, but be gentle going forward and not making this about who has the bigger stick in the room. >> yes, classically u.s. citizens don't trust democratic
5:29 pm
presidents during times of crisis. and barack obama has fixed that, and he has stolen from the republicans, in my view, the notion that you got to be a republican president to basically deal with war and challenges. and to some degree obama has shown he can be tough and make tough calls. but he has strength in strategic prioritization and not throwing emotional gut punch at every problem. those two images exist and float along together and rob the republicans of the kind of target they wish they had. >> i think that's exactly right. the risk is one of having mission accomplished moment where they have the hubris overtaking the world as penny said. you have to be cautious or these claims can come back to haunt you. penny, steve, thank you for your
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the twist you can't resist. >> coming up, mayday occupy action. but first a little bit of comedy from president obama jimmy kimmel, and geraldo rivera. when it doesn't fit anywhere else we put it in the view finder. >> my mother was born in kansas. my father was born in kenya. i was born, of course, in hawai'i. >> here in one room we have members of the media advertisers, lobbyists and celebrities. everything that is wrong with america is here in this room tonight. >> are you cabbing to cat doodle. >> like in a diaper. that's what i was thinking. green, it makes this look like a different kind of a color maybe we should get rid of the green. >> what is the difference between a hockey mom and a pit
5:34 pm
bull? a pit bull is delicious. >> it wasn't like they ate dog every friday. >> no, it was just something to do. >> maybe you don't know this about me, i got a little bit of a temper. [chuckling] >> it's kind of hard to be funny with the president of the united states sitting right next to you and yet day in and day out joe biden manages to do it. >> i, i, i. >> i believe abraham lincoln had a vision of what the republican party would bomb in become in 150 years and he shot himself. >> we would help protect our freedom, democracy and way of life. >> the last i have seen you've had a threesome with two lesbians. i use that therapy myself at times. >> to ask questions and examine and criticize. >> you had a huge year last year and i think what everybody wants to know do you have a girlfriend? do you think we're pretty? >> we look perfect together. >> some people say journalism is
5:35 pm
in a decline. some say you've become too politicized, you no longer honor your duty to inform america. i don't have a joke for this. i'm just letting you know what people say. >> join mitt romney in sending a message this november. i'm an american, and dog gone it, i ride outside. >> jimmy kimmel just telling the truth the other night. tomorrow is may 1st in the occupy moment intends to make its presence known. my conference with dan jones next on viewpoint.
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[ mocking tone ] i'm ms. brown. i'm soooo chocolatey. i'm giving away money to make people like me-eee -- is what he said. and i was like "you watch your mouth. she's my friend." friend is a strong word. [ male announcer ] chocolate just got more irresistible. find the all brown bag and you could win! >> tomorrow is may first. mayday, it's also international workers day and it may very well be the day to reinvigorate occupy. participants are being asked to duck out of work and school and take part in a series of marchs across the country. here in new york the plan is not to occupy wall street. instead they'll gather at midtown, manhattan before they
5:38 pm
gather downtown. let's bring in author of "rebuild the dream" vann jones. thank you for joining us. let's touch on occupy, a movement that changes, transformed our politics last fall. sort of went into a hibernation over the winter. what role do you think it could can, should, might play in framing the presidential debate? >> well, first of all i don't speak occupy wall street. i try to speak up for occupy wall street when they come under attack. clearly we were headed to a disaster. both parties were talking about austerity and cutbacks back in august, the grass tops could in the stop them. nobody could stop them. both political parties were going for some grand bargain that was not going to be grand or a bargain for working families. these folks showed up in tents and sleeping bagged and
5:39 pm
obliterated the austerity monopoly and now we can talk about wall street run amok, politics and the widening gap of haves and have nots in our country. i'm excited to see what they're going to do tomorrow. for those who are big fans of occupy it's a chance to talk about how we begin to solve some of these problems. one of the big challenges we have right now and maybe the step would step tonight plate on it are those people oh disproportionately young people are graduating into the worse job market since the great depression with a ton of debt and no jobs. and nobody is doing anything about it. in fact, congress is right now poised to let the interest rate on those opportunity loans double from 3.4% to 6.8% while most of us could borrow money for almost nothing at this point. there is a whole generation in
5:40 pm
pain. environmentally we throw them in the garbage can. economically we throw them in the garbage can. i'm glad to see them stand up for themselves. we're going after congress and saying, you cannot double the interest rate on this young generation and the people who are graduating from high school this spring and expecting to go to college. they should not be staring down the barrel of 6.8 interest rate. >> van, if anybody knows me, eliot never let's anybody talk that oh long. you're so right about everything that you just said. >> thank you. >> about the role that occupy played which transformed our political discourse. when you look at europe, you look at the difference between austerity and stimulus, greece is going off a clip. france, england, england in a double dip recession, and i think occupy did more to get us back on the right path in terms
5:41 pm
of our political discourse, and students loans. interest rates are still at zero. there is no argument to let student loans jump up to 6.8 and we're in washington wondering how to pay for it. how do you fill that gap? >> well, i just any that it's a shame that the republican party decides first of all they don't want to touch the issue. finally the president listens to young people and romney follows the president's leadership thankfully then they got to drag that terrible republican party behind them. the first thing they do is we can help kids go to college. we're going to raid the mammogram fund. so women's health is yet again extend the war on women and they are raiding--called the mammogram fund, the prevention fund for help. it is totally nuts. the democrats have a better idea.
5:42 pm
how about this our most precious resource is not petroleum. it is not oil. it's our people. it's our young people. take the money from the oil companies that don't need the money and use that to pay for giving the next generation a shot. that's the right way to do it. i hope the republican party won't stay stuck on stupid and insist we rob the mammogram fund to help kids go to college. why don't we take money from the oil companies that are doing quite well. >> i was mystified when john boehner was out there on the house of representatives rationalizing and trying to justify that political choice and that false choice they created. i said to myself this has got to be the lamest political decision. an economist made the argument our kids are our most precious resource in terms of economic
5:43 pm
growth down the road and to starve our educational capital which is the only way we'll come back is insane. i know you believe deeply we got to do something about mortgage reform, quickly what can we do in that domain. that's another huge drag in our economy right now. >> sure, the two big pillars in the middle class the springboards towards american dream go to college, buy a house. those used to be the pathways out of poverty into the middle class they're becoming trapped doors into poverty because you have got excessive student loans and underwater mortgages. these problems could be fixed tomorrow. there is a guy name ed dimarco dimarco. he sits in charge of fanny and freddy. they have half of the mortgages. if they were to reduce the principle to a fair market value for people who are spending money on mortgages were building wealth instead of draining
5:44 pm
wealth that would be a $90 billion savings to people and create 1 million jobs because people would not be sending all their money to wall street, and they would be spending that money locally. it would be fair because if homeowners were foolish to take those loans, lenders were foolish to make them, both should take a haircut and let's move on. the student loans, don't double our debt campaign and let's quit overcharging americans for our homes. let's let americans build wealth and not lose wealth in our homes. >> with all the trillions of dollars we have thrown at the banks we have not done what is critically important which is to deal with the mortgage overhang. i think it's unfair and dimarco calls it a bush holdover. we got to be hospital, this is something that the white house should be held accountable. president and co-founder of
5:45 pm
rebuild the dream adviser van jones, thank you so much for being here. >> glad to be here. >> still ahead, the department of justice has hired lawyers to investigate decades of financial fraud. nice start. now prosecute someone, coming up. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real. battle speech right? may i? [ horse neighs ] for too long, people have settled for single miles. with the capital one venture card you'll earn double miles on every purchase, every day! [ visigoths cheer ] hawaii, here we come. [ alec ] so sign up today for a venture card at and start earning double. [ all ] double miles! [ brays ] what's in your wallet? can you play games on that? not on the runway. no.
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>> coltingerercoming up, do not ask what good we do. but first let's visit jennifer granholm in "the war room". >> mitt romney is taking credit for all kinds of things he had nothing to do with including my
5:48 pm
favorite subject, the auto industry. an up and comer in the democratic party, vying for a senate seed in north the dakota, one of the hot senate races heidi will visit us inside "the war room". >> did didn't know heidi was there. we were all a.g.s at the same time. >> we were all a.g.s at the same time. >> all right. no justice in life. more viewpoint next. >>you just think there is no low they won't go to. oh, no. if al gore's watching today...
5:49 pm
>> coming up, a look of the dysfunction that is congress. first my view. they hired lawyers to think about maybe prosecuting some of the finance world fraudsters who brought our economy to its knees. oh really? to think that people will stand up and applaud them four years after the fact hiring lawyers to see if any crimes were commit: the justice department has not done the one thing that would make us stand up and applaud. bring cases. here is one way. there are documents because of the work of the financial crisis inquiry. documents were created by the
5:50 pm
company that the banks hired. you want to guess what those documents found welcome with no mower than 900,000 loans analyzed, 30% of them failed the standards that the banks put in place. yet the banks still made the loans, securitized them and left everyone else holding the bag. that's fraud. prosecute it. so here are the questions that i want answered by the task force. who inside the banks saw the documents and when. what did they do with the n? ignore it? cover it up? did they show it to the senior executives at the bank or the rating agencies and when did the government agencies hear about these documents and what did they do about it? these now public documents are the row rosetta stone of prosecuting financial flawed. i can tell you what the doj don't want you to hear. it's not that tough to make and win those cases. it just takes
5:51 pm
dig and a bit of backbone. if the justice department wants to hear anything than a bronx cheer from this kid from the bronx, they better show up with some cases next time. not a hiring announcement. that's my view.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
>> warring factions, secret schemes, vicious conflict. it sounds like a scene or the of hbos epic series "game of thrones." but instead it is a fitting description of our current congress. a legislative body that can boast a historically low 9% approval rating. here author of "do not ask what good we do: inside the house of u.s. representatives." let's begin in that classic tale of republican leadership the eve of the obama inauguration. >> sure thing. eliot. it was the night of the
5:54 pm
inauguration, the evening of january 20th, and it was held at a famous washington steakhouse. will were 15 republicans and originally what they were there to do is cry on each other's shoulders. there was no agenda planned. in a course of it all after they sort of went through what went wrong and how the republicans have lost their way they began to talk about how to dig their way out of the hole. and what they came up with was first of all a plan to have an unified opposition to the obama administration's agenda, voting against everything all together. and attacking vulnerable democrats, attacking obama's cabinet members. then in 2010 when taking over the house and using the house then as the point of the obama
5:55 pm
administration things went according to plan. >> we'll get to that if we have time. in 2010 where we have the estate party instead, whether they weren't happy or not, did anybody stand up and put up his hand or her hand and say isn't this the moment for bipartisanship? let's now govern? was there any bipartisan bone in any voice there where they said governance should take supremacy over winning? >> no. it was all about how republicans regain party. i write about this. we have the spiraling unemployment rate. it's now 9% at this point in time. now there wasn't any talk about how do we work with new president, how do we get americans back to work. instead it was how do we regain power. >> this was a future pure focus on power.
5:56 pm
is the venom justified? these are a bunch of guys who only care about winning and not the public good. >> what is definitely the case eliot, they are machinations laid the predicate for a republican takeover by the tea party movement and combative congress to a major fault. to the degree that the policies that were enacted by the republican majority were so far to the right that they weren't even potentially palatable by the controlled senate or the democratic president. in other words there was not a thought to governance but staking out a political position position. >> the odd thing john boehner won the political battle and became speaker. but they were forcing him to take positions that would appear were in his gut that he wants to do. has he changed the tea party or
5:57 pm
is it still there as a block to any form of compromise. >> it's still there. there has been a developing narrative that you see in the newspapers and elsewhere that the tea party influence has diminished. that's not true. it's true that you don't see these big masses gathering and protesting democrats and all. instead, i think the tea party movement has entered the political bloodstream and exhibit a for that you see the way in that house republicans vote. they vote far more visitatively. they are afraid if they fail to do so they are primaried from the right tea party. we can't feel sorry for him he would be minority speaker boehner if it weren't for the tea party, but he would achieve governance now and then. >> you're so right in the way you describe one of our
5:58 pm
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